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Alarm Systems

Serving all the security needs of the marketplace with the broadest, most diversified line of security products, systems and services. Your security blanket in an uncertain world. The NAPCO Group of Companies delivers unmatched products, unmatched service, unmatched opportunity:

  • Delivering state-of-the-art security products since 1969
  • International exposure (44 countries) Click to visit the NAPCO International Division pages
  • Broad patent protection (35 issued, many pending)
  • Focused product development research (7% of revenues)
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality certified company
  • Positioned for rapid growth in the burgeoning $30 billion+ security market




PARADOX Security Systems of Canada, are manufacturers of a range of top quality motion detectors, alarm panels, keypads and peripheral equipment. Known for its innovative research and development, Paradox is a recognised force in the world security industry. Sold in over 45 countries since 1989.






 Magellan 6160

Magellan 5050  

 Digiplex EVO

 Spectra SP6000

 Spectra SP65